One more thanks

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Donald J Trump, for the past four years. Thank you for giving us true Americans our country back!

Thank you for securing our borders and keeping your promise to build the wall and making it so non-Americans can only enter our country the legal way! Joe Biden has often said “walls around something are immoral” yet as I type this letter a wall is being built around the U.S. Capitol to protect Joe Biden? Unfortunately, the Biden administration is going to install revolving doors on that border wall.

Thank you for boosting our economy to historic highs! Yes, people it was Trump who did this not Barack Obama!

Thank you for all the jobs that you created and all the industry you brought back to this country! It makes me feel better that l can go to work earn and keep my money instead of the people who can but choose not to work getting my tax dollars handed to them for nothing!

The unemployment was at an all-time low during your presidency. l’m sure Biden has a plan for that as well!

Thank you for standing up to the bullies of the world lran, China, Russia, North Korea, Syria just to name a few! The previous administration was too scared to do their job and the next one is going to sell us out even quicker!

Thank you for pulling out of NAFTA and Iran nuclear deals! Obviously, Bill Clinton and Obama were misguided when they thought that this was a good Idea!

Thank you for the very much needed rebuilding our military! Thank you for standing true behind the military!

Thank you for not getting us into another war, thank you for quelling a lot of foreign aggression and bringing our service members home!

Thank you for doing all you could with that worthless not-so Affordable Care Act that was jammed down our throats by the Democrats! l can only imagine how bad that’s going to get!

Thank you for the tax relief for the middle-class families and increasing their income by nearly $3,000 per year!

Thank you for America and Americans First stance! It’s very visible and recognized by the unclouded mind! Unfortunately, us true Americans are on our way back to the back burner yet again.

Thank you for calling “a spade a spade” when needed.

This is only a very few of your accomplishments that you did for us, We The People and I am personally grateful for each and every one of them.

Job well done, sir. Hold your head high and keep marching forward. You definitely deserve it and have more than earned it! Please take a knee and pray for us true Americans, We The People!

Brian Fajbik,



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