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Risks with Biden

Dear Editor,

President Joe Biden served 36 years in the Senate then eight years as vice president. He illegally removed classified documents as he left those offices. Some were stored in damaged cardboard boxes in a vulnerable garage.

Special counsel Robert Hur recommended no charges as Biden is a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” But these removals go back at least 15 years; was he elderly and memory-impaired then? Seems Hur is making an excuse for Biden.

Donald Trump handled documents improperly, but had presidential power to declassify. VPs and senators have no such power. Mar-a-Lago was far more secure than Biden’s garage.

If there are no charges against Biden, there should be none against Trump.

Biden fancies himself as a champion of democracy. He is not! The above situation exemplifies the “double standard” that his administration embraces. Then, add the federal meddling in energy resources.

Biden, Karin Jean-Pierre and Alejandro Mayorkas dishonestly try to “gaslight” Americans. Biden is not a truthful man.

In his State of the Union Address, actually a campaign speech, Biden accidentally referred to Laken Riley’s alleged murderer as an ‘illegal immigrant’. Of course that’s what the man is! But in far left circles, such a term is forbidden. Biden admitted he should have said “undocumented.” In the same week, he absurdly designated illegals as “newcomers.”

Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa proposed a bill requiring that illegals who commit violent crimes be turned over to ICE. In sanctuary cities,they are not. Dick Durbin, the senate majority whip, blocked the proposal, claiming it would persecute migrants who suffered — or claimed they suffered — abuse as they traveled. Is he saying that suffering abuse on the way to illegally entering the U.S. gives a migrant a pass to commit violence against American citizens? Absurd.

There are voters who will vote for neither Trump nor Biden. They give Trump credit for the energy independence, low inflation and “‘peace through strength” foreign policy we had. But they have issues with his personality. But any vote withheld from Trump improves Biden’s chances of winning. As a “lame duck” Biden would have no pressure for re-election and would continue reckless policies that his advisors dictate. If aging prevented him from completing his term,the feckless Kamala Harris would be president.

Given the above,with our sovereignty at serious risk, I’ll definitely vote for Trump.

Terry D. Hallock,


Poor choices

Dear Editor,

Can’t we do better?

November we will be expected to choose between what now appear to be a predetermined candidate choice of a proven insurrectionist and a person supporting active genocide as our President.

As a citizen of the United States and an aspiring Christian, it will not be possible to render a choice for either. As a nation we need respect for our performance in the world as well as at home. Our nation has proven leaders that prefer civility, passion and experience. Please come forth and offer us a more fateful choice before November. With hope,

Charles S. Merroth,


Strong Trump years

Dear Editor,

Not long ago I was asked via long distance mail why I was so “hard” on President Joe Biden. I did admit that he might have done some good for the country, but not much considering his party had the Congressional majority for two years. I felt, and still feel, the negative society for which he is responsible far outweighs anything positive that he may have instigated.

Recently Biden went to Brownsville, Texas, to view the border. It happens that much of that area has been restored; Eagle Pass where former President Donald Trump went shows more accurately how the border is being overtaken. It’s strange that it took over three years of terrorism, drugs, and cartels to get Biden anywhere close to where the problems lie. Could it be he was there because it is an election year? Not to forget East Palestine Ohio — over a year to visit this community — another election year photo op?

Now illegals are called, “newcomers.” Why are they in the same category as one who came legally, following instructions to citizenship? Through the years many people have entered this country; they left tyrannical regimes to find freedom, and they became citizens through a legal process. Everyone realizes that with illegal immigrants most likely voting for the party that illegally let them in the country, the Dems will hold a majority; a second political party won’t be necessary. Talk about killing democracy. That is the left’s goal, and no matter what it takes, they will try to accomplish it. If given the chance, the left will show us what a despotic government looks like.

Many Democrats refer to themselves as socialist-Democrats. With a name that indicates a turn to socialism, isn’t that another push toward the exit ramp of democracy? Is this nation prepared for an attack from within? The FBI director recently stated the fact that hundreds of illegals have come to this country from the terrorist watch list. Hundreds of Chinese military age men have made their way through our border. Were they told to come here to see what chaos they could unleash? One wonders!

It has been said that China would like to see Biden win. Do they feel he is easily controlled? With Trump they don’t have an inkling what to expect. With Donald Trump America is first, ensuring that this country will not bow to the whims of the CCP.

Inflation is rampant; print more money, devalue what we have, and make it difficult to survive. That’s what we now live with! Taking taxpayer dollars to pay for student loans; fairness doesn’t seem to qualify in this administration-only politics and potential votes.

Our lives were much better with Trump as president, both here and abroad. In the three years since Trump left office, we have seen this country sent down a path of pure destruction: among other things police are denigrated and belittled; veterans are thrown aside, illegal immigrants are led to the front of the line with handouts and freebies, and infanticide poses as late term abortion. Women’s rights to control their bodies! What about the innocent children who have no choice whether they live or die? When Biden took office we saw how he handled world issues; from the withdrawal from Afghanistan and continuing with Israel, the U.S.’s standing on the world stage is quickly deteriorating.

The POTUS has been described as truthful; whatever group he is in front of, he becomes part of that group; how he fits so many shoes is hard to fathom. Truth? He touts that his predecessor created the inflation we live with now. With Trump it was 1.4%. Biden’s numbers are nowhere that low. He claims he can’t close the border; he opened it with executive orders and can close them by rescinding those orders.

Nov. 5 is the day to get back reasoning in this country; then we need to repair and rebuild that which was lost. With Donald Trump at the helm of this sinking ship, God, family, and country would once again be at the forefront where it belongs.

The leadership we have seen for three-plus years is nil. A vote for the current administration will mean more of the same chaos and national erosion. In 2020 Biden-Kamala Harris said if they were elected they would get the adults back in the room; which room, I don’t know, but Biden needs to leave wherever he is and take Harris with him.

Norma Bankoske,



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