Our opinion: Act aims for brighter futures

Our Opinion

When politicians talk about the amount of taxpayer money available to help with everything from education to infrastructure improvements, they get a little quieter when it’s time to look at how hard the federal government makes it to jump through the hoops to actually get that money. It ...

True colors in nature

Local Commentaries

I have always liked observing nature. This week I have had a marvelous display. This morning as I walked down to get my newspaper out of its box the sun was a beautiful orange orb. It was unusual. The day evolved into one of those bright sunny days. I saw my first fawn about three days ago. ...

Our opinion: An engine for safer state rails

Our Opinion

A Pennsylvania legislative committee is in favor of expanding the state’s part in oversight of railroad safety. The House Consumer Protection, Technology and Utilities Committee gave 19-2 approval to House Bill 1028. It would authorize the state to maintain a tighter grip on the way trains ...

Sunny, beautiful with a light breeze

Local Commentaries

“Wait five minutes and it will change.” I’ve heard that kidding weather forecast since I was a child. It’s true of more places than not. The only place I ever lived that didn’t change much was San Diego. Late spring through early fall, the San Diego Bay forecast could have been a ...

Our opinion: When danger was among us

Our Opinion

A multi-stsate manhunt has come to an end. The search for Michael Burham wasn’t as protracted as the search for Ralph Phillips, but for a short time it was just as disruptive. School days were disrupted in Chautauqua and Warren counties as schools did their best to keep school children out ...

Our opinion: Memorial Day and our freedom

Our Opinion

Today is Memorial Day, a day that has different meanings to different people. For some, it’s just a day off from work or school that gives us a three-day weekend. For some, it’s an excuse to fire up the barbecue for the first time or spend time with family and friends. And while ...