Our opinion: Pain in Buffalo started with hate

Our Opinion

Saturday’s mass shooting in Buffalo is the closest such horrific acts have come to Chautauqua County. Today, we stand with our neighbors in Buffalo in our grief for the 10 people whose lives ended during a routine trip to the grocery store or a routine day at work. Many in our county feel ...

Our opinion: Rides are part of fair’s appeal

Our Opinion

There was a lot of sadness, we’re sure, when Warren County Fair Board officials said in March there would be no rides at this year’s county fair. It wasn’t the board’s fault. The old ride company’s schedule no longer allowed it to provide midway rides for the Warren County Fair, ...

Readers Speak

Letters To Editor

Is this a ‘Good Life?’ Dear Editor, Have you had enough yet? Can you take any more of the Democrat “Good Life” like the highest inflation rate in 40 years, scarce supplies like many foods, new cars, repair parts, new appliances, and building supplies? Then, there is Biden Speak. ...

Putting funding toward being ‘pro life’

Local Commentaries

On Monday, the Times Observer reported on the legislation Rep. Kathy Rapp says “is already well positioned to successfully advance some of the strongest pro-life legislation in the history of the Commonwealth.” I look forward to that legislation. Indeed I do. I look forward to seeing ...

Our opinion: Court leak overshadows postal decision

Our Opinion

A leaked U.S. Supreme Court decision, not yet final, that would overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 ruling recognizing abortion rights for women, will continue to dominate the nation’s attention for months, if not years. Within hours after the decision was leaked, certainty already was cemented ...

View from Hickory Heights: Observing nature is fun

Local Commentaries

Yesterday was the day. I saw my first orioles and hummingbirds. I no more than put out the feeders before they began to visit. What I like best about Spring is that I am able to see the birds – even when they are sitting in the trees. The absence of leaves makes that possible. The bright ...