Our opinion: School plan needs public voice

Our Opinion

As we’ve noted in this space before, it’s time for the Warren County School District to come to a reckoning with the empty space in many of its buildings. It’s good to see, then, that district officials are embarking on a Master Facilities Plan that will start with a meeting with key ...

Readers Speak

Letters To Editor

Debacle continues Dear Editor, Isn’t it sad that our country has reached the depths of depravity under this administration? The southern border is unsecure and without a doubt potential terrorists have gotten into this country; we don’t know the numbers or locations, but one can be ...

Snafu puts income, insurance at risk

Local Commentaries

By ROBERT STANGER Social Security, which dates back to the Great Depression year of 1935 and the administration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has certainly been a boon to our family. Basically, as is the case with millions of other recipients, it has allowed my wife and me to ...

Our opinion: State policies still lax on addiction

Our Opinion

Did you know that Pennsylvania is listed as among the states with the worst policies to prevent and reduce tobacco use, according to the American Lung Association’s (ALA) recent 21st annual “State of Tobacco Control” report? In fact, Pennsylvania earned mostly failing grades on the ...

Charm of rural living

Local Commentaries

I have now lived in this area for more than 50 years. My husband, a dairy farmer, brought me to this area. When we first moved here, we lived in a trailer. We had to be near his work. His parents allowed us to move the trailer into their yard. It was small, but it was ours. We had two ...

Our opinion: Rewarding a lack of work in state

Our Opinion

Republicans and Democrats in the state House of Representatives will continue to play the political game until later this month. The House won’t meet in session until Feb. 27, nearly three weeks after special elections are held that will finally decide the House majority. But, for the ...