Protecting the innocent

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, Recently I traveled to Harrisburg for a meeting with the U.S. Rep. Kathy Rapp to discuss possible legislation of benefit to women, children, and infants of Pennsylvania. As chair of the House Health Committee, Rep. Rapp has complete discretion over which bills are promoted ...

Buying from home

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, Recently, dozens of container ships waited for days to unload at West Coast ports. Ultimately, some containers are hauled by trucks. Huge numbers are hauled by trains. Such “double-stacked” trains regularly move through Erie as well as the Horseshoe Curve at Altoona. CSX ...

Vaccines and patriotism

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, Try to keep this under your hat. I don’t want this getting out. But I was watching one of those fake news shows the other day and one of their high-hat elitist reporters talked about George Washington mandating vaccines for the men in his Continental Army! Seriously? How ...

Bright idea for hunting

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, The bike hike trail is a really good idea and is very appreciated by all who use it. Our problem is ,which I am going to say a lot of hunters will agree, that when people are using the bike hike trail during hunting season — deer and bear — they should be required to wear ...

Across state, civic engagement is a challenge

Local Commentaries

Northeastern Pennsylvania is defined by its culturally distinct communities, from dense small cities and coal-region boroughs to bucolic townships and newer suburbs. From the beginning, the area has been shaped by a deep tradition of civic engagement – an unseen force defined by volunteerism, ...

Our opinion: Division reveals fractured Congress

Our Opinion

A number of left-leaning pundits and Democratic politicians have enjoyed raking an Alabama Republican, U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer, over the coals the last few days. Palmer drew the attention of the pundits and politicians for noting his own advocacy for a road construction project in Alabama and ...