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Winning spirit Dear Editor, As one who ministers in both the Youngsville and Warren communities, I found it especially encouraging to see in the news that the Youngsville Eagles banner charged onto Mike Shine Field on a recent Friday night. I had hoped that such an event would become a part ...

Can’t decide on candidate? Look to the party

Local Commentaries

By RALPH KENISTON Midterms are fast approaching and there may be some fence sitters who are undecided about which candidate or party to support in the election. If you are one of those, here are a few suggestions to help you decide: ¯ If you like wondering how high prices can go, how bare ...

Caution urged in state bus decisions

Local Commentaries

The Pennsylvania Bus Association wants to alert you to a troubling trend we are seeing across the United States regarding a new type of “bus company” primarily marketed to school districts. The problem is that these are not bus companies at all, but artfully created websites that imitate a ...

Our opinion: U.S. needs better immigration policies

Our Opinion

If Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott, the respective governors of Florida and Texas, wanted to call attention to the failures and frustration of our immigration policies, then they’ve succeeded. But if their flights and buses of immigrants from border states to New England, Delaware and other ...

Fall and its magic

Our Opinion

When I awoke this morning, it felt like fall. What do I mean when I say it felt like fall? The temperature was cool and crisp. It was the first official day of autumn. The sun was not out, but it was beginning to look like fall as well. Some of the leaves are beginning to turn. The ...

Our opinion: Pitfalls evident in cashless tolling

Our Opinion

It’s ironic state lawmakers are looking at punitive measures to increase toll collections on the state Turnpike. After all, it was legislators and Gov. Tom Wolf who created this mess by instituting cashless tolls on the Turnpike and, in turn, making it harder for some people to pay tolls ...