Putin’s boasting a bit overboard

Our Opinion

Americans old enough to remember the prediction “We will bury you,” pronounced by Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet Union premier from 1958-64, still might recall some of the “few choice words” they uttered in response. Khrushchev, who was adept at making predictions regarding a U.S. demise, ...

The games of summer

Local Commentaries

With the opening of Summer Olympics my mind went to some of the sports that will be featured. Yes, baseball is back. Other sports are making their debut. I watched a young man talk about skateboarding and the two divisions that will be part of the games. During the opening ceremony it became ...

A bid for better tax auctions

Our Opinion

A change in bidding procedures for those who want to buy properties at the county’s Tax Claim Auction is a common-sense move that should have been made years ago. Prospective bidders will no longer be able to show up and bid. Instead, they will go through a registration process that will ...

Navigating life in the decaf lane

Local Commentaries

It’s been many years since I’ve written about coffee – years since my doctor at the time said, “No more. You’re done with caffeine.” He might as well have shot me. He took away my daily infusion for energy, clear thinking and well-being. I needed it every morning. I loved it, ...

Use planning process to build bridges


As goes Warren, so goes Warren County. In that vein, Vince DeJoy, city planner, makes a good point to use the upcoming strategic planning process to try to build bridges with surrounding townships to solve issues. “I think this is a good time for bridges to be built,” he said, “for ...

Road work ignored

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, If you travel Deerfield township roads, proceed with caution. Due to potholes, the road is in deplorable condition and is unsafe. In addition, long periods of time during this past winter no maintenance was done, not even one piece of grit. The road was a hazardous sheet of ...