Our opinion: Election post becomes treacherous

Our Opinion

Officials in Greene County are looking for a new elections director, and it’s become an all-too-familiar task. The latest elections director, Eric Finch, lasted in the job for just a month. During that brief time, his office had to deal with the fallout of mistake-riddled ballots being sent ...

Readers Speak

Letters To Editor

Frugal suggestion Dear Editor, So what we are going to do with the middle of the roundabout is the question the powers that be are mulling over. I have a suggestion – actually a couple, but only one printable! – how about fill it with cement or rocks? Anything that’s not going to cost ...

Energy policy needs balance

Local Commentaries

As the second largest energy producer in the United States, Pennsylvania has long seen natural gas and energy production as key parts of the commonwealth’s economy. More than 250,000 Pennsylvanians go to work each day in energy jobs to ensure the region has the electricity to power our ...

Our opinion: Improve emergency care for children

Our Opinion

There are many good causes with their proverbial hands out, seeking money from the federal government. However, the Wall Street Journal recently called attention to a need that should spike interest in the minds and hearts of our federal lawmakers. Additionally, those elected officials ...

View from Hickory Heights: A recipe from the past

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Yesterday I baked molasses cookies. Now you might wonder why I baked early. These cookies freeze very well. I made some in the shape of pumpkins and some trees and gingerbread men. We will have the pumpkins for Thanksgiving and the others will be for Christmas. This recipe has a history. My ...

Our opinion: Positive air in cancer report

Our Opinion

It wasn’t that long ago that the distinctive odor of cigarette smoke – and the way it would burn the throats of nonsmokers – was an everyday part of life. People smoked in restaurants. They smoked on planes. They smoked at concerts of all types. They smoked at shopping centers. They ...