Our opinion: Our lands, waters deserve better

Our Opinion

Despite conscientious efforts to better our environment, it can be disappointing to see what comes out of the Allegheny River and Conewango Creek. First, however, let’s offer a round of applause for those who took part in the effort that included 1,472 hours of donated labor by 184 ...

The only constant continues to be change

Local Commentaries

The only constant is change Men don’t like change. I think I’m turning into an old man. In my early married life, when I wanted to change something in the house, my late husband, Tom, would say, “What do you mean, change? Paint the living room? We just painted it a couple of years ...

Masks not perfect

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, What’s a “micron” — it’s a unit of measure, like an inch, but way smaller in size and equal to “one-millionth of a meter”. With a meter being roughly (39.37 inches) and, dividing that by one million (1,000,000), one single micron is roughly (0.000039 inch) in size. ...

Struggling to connect

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, This mom is fed up with the extremely poor internet in Warren County. I understand from Kathy Rapp’s office that additional funding for our county is forthcoming for internet upgrades in our area. I beg you to make sure the area of Yankee Bush Road is included. I have ...

We’re still not free

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, Why are we pushing vaccinations when more and more, vaccinations don’t allow the alleged freedoms that we were promised when we were told to get it. Many places still require masks even if vaccinated. Why? I went to visit a patient at Warren General Hospital recently, I’m ...

Individual choices must consider greater good

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We are all living in extraordinarily difficult and dangerous times, kind of stumbling our way through this unprecedented and epic pandemic which in so many ways has turned our lives upside down. When facing challenges of this scale, Americans have typically risen to the occasion and come ...