Russell-Akeley Life

During the early years of what would become Pine Grove Township, the land was covered with White Pine forest. Much of this area was cut over by Central Pennsylvania ...

Route 6 cleanup

Photo submitted to Times Observer Board members of the Allegheny Center for the Arts did the spring Route 6 road cleanup Saturday, May 16, in ...

Readers Speak

Truth does not always come from government Dear Editor: We have heard it before, during the Vietnam War, the distortions, the outright lies, and misinformation ...

Children must use caution in park

Dear Editor, It was good to see the kids enjoying the Beaty playground, which opened up last week. I pray they will be safe as they have fun ...

Our opinion: Proceed with caution

Our opinion: Schools need focus now

Phase 3 school work is due

‘Anxious to reopen’: Library staff preparing for upcoming changes

Have you mowed your lawn yet this year?

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