Dear Editor,

So, I’m right in the middle of a letter responding to those who suggest Trump is unfit to serve as Commander in Chief when.. Oh my, here we go again! My wife says, ‘So ya still gonna write that letter?’ … I’ll get to that later… but for right now…

I’ll tell you what I think, I think he said it on purpose. I think it was a set up. I think he knew exactly what he was saying and the fall- out it would create! Why? Because he knows that the question of merit based immigration is a legitimate one that never would have made it into public debate (the press) if the question had been asked civilly.

But not now. The language cannot be separated from the question, otherwise the question would have been discarded by the media.

Trump also knows that the average working American, the taxpayer that is, the one that pays for the nonsense that comes out of Washington, undergoes background checks and drug testing, performance reviews, ect. to get and keep their job also recognizes it to be a legitimate question. One that is behavior based and has nothing to do with racism.

Personally, for better or for worse, I think Trump is playing his enemies like a banjo! This was just the latest chord!

Now I could be wrong about Trump. Maybe he is a buffoon. But one thing’s for sure — he’s playing for keeps, and by the by, for those of you that think he should be removed from office, consider this: Trump may not run again, Trump may lose the primary, Trump may lose the general, but I’d bet you a cookie if Trump were impeached he’d run as an Independent… and win! Sweet dreams!

Tim Hagberg,