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Is this a ‘Good Life?’

Dear Editor,

Have you had enough yet? Can you take any more of the Democrat “Good Life” like the highest inflation rate in 40 years, scarce supplies like many foods, new cars, repair parts, new appliances, and building supplies?

Then, there is Biden Speak. He says one thing and his staff has to clarify what he really meant, or should of said, or that it is just his personal opinion not US policy. Biden Speak involving Foreign Policy is all over the place. Remember Afghanistan? Whether it is due to ignorance of dementia, everyday brings a new crisis of his own making. However, some recent statistics prioritized the Unsecured Southern Border as the most urgent, rotten, self-serving Biden policy. What is the acronym for Biden Speak?

Biden Speak says, “the border is secure.”That is more of the acronym. If the unlawful border crossings continue at the current rate, by the end of Biden’s term, 20% of the USA population (70,000,000) will be Illegals.

Don’t call them “undocumented” or anything else. They broke our laws making them illegal.

Who are these 70,000,000 law breakers? How many of them are drug dealers, or pedophiles? Twenty-eight subjects on the “Terrorist Watch List” were apprehended so far this year, but how many got away? We don’t know.

The puppet Homeland Security Secretary admitted that he doesn’t know either. But the absolute worst result of the unsecured border is the Fentanyl epidemic. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 80 to 100% stronger than morphine.

More than 1,200 pounds were captured at the border last year. That is enough to kill every man women and child in the country 7 times over. The cartels are lacing other drugs with fentanyl making it the main contributor to the 109,000 overdose deaths since Biden took office. That is twice the number of deaths from COVID. Yet, Biden minions pay little attention to the drug problem.

Why is that? Think about this. The cartels are evil, but they are not stupid. They know that many young people ages 18 to 40 are dying form Fentanyl. So, why do they continue to use this killer opioid? Why would they knowingly kill off their customers? What kind of business plan is that? Who is subsidizing the cartels for each customer lost? Who stands to benefit from killing large numbers of our young people generation after generation?

I will give you a hint. What age group makes up most of our military? Who is supplying the Mexican cartels with Fentanyl? If you said, “Communist China “, you are right. This is all part of China’s plan to become the No. 1 military and economic super power without firing a shot. China has already bought up thousands of acres of farm land plus many food processing companies.

Why is our government allowing this? The same reason they allowed all of our medicines and technology equipment to be made in China and looks the other way as China steals our intellectual properties. It is money in the form of campaign funds and gifts to their family members. The Biden family is a perfect example of that payoff. The FBI had evidence to prove that before the election, but they and the media suppressed it. Now we are suffering for their crimes. Biden is canceling the tariffs that were useful against China’s cheating trade policies. What does that tell you?

What is it going to take before we as private citizens fight back? How can we fight back? The most obvious way is to stop buying all of that cute, cheap Chinese decorative crap. Go to craft shows and buy quality creations from our people who often need the extra cash to make ends meet. Most importantly, vote.

The Republicans “Commitment to America” agenda for the 2022 election should include laws to prohibit foreign entities from buying USA land or Companies. Tax incentives to bring companies back and “Welfare Reform” should also be included, but those are subjects for future letters.

Joanne Oviatt,


Going slow on energy

Dear Editor,

The “Hidden costs with renewables” editorial of May 3 underscores what happens when Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives decides to advance poorly designed solar and wind decommissioning legislation while our legacy energy infrastructure litters the land and billions of dollars in renewable energy investments are left on the table.

Pennsylvania’s renewable energy businesses are frustrated, too. They have tens of thousands of jobs and billions in economic development to offer, but some legislators aren’t focusing on how to attract one of the largest job incubators in modern history.

They’re debating the basics of decommissioning while renewable energy businesses take their money and jobs to states with policies that represent today’s opportunities.

Decommissioning is important for all energy systems, and the renewable energy industries have been developing and implementing decommissioning plans for years, so this isn’t new. Sen. Gene Yaw’s recently amended companion legislation, Senate Bill 284, incorporates the renewable energy’s expertise, taking a more commonsense approach.

Beyond decommissioning legislation, Pennsylvania has a lot more work to do to keep up.

Right now, there are over a dozen renewable energy proposals in Harrisburg that would attract investments, create jobs, save family farms, help homeowners, businesses, and schools save money, advance grid security and resilience, and strengthen our energy independence. None of these proposals have moved an inch.

With so much opportunity, it’s time for sensibility and genuine discourse to lead our energy choices.

Matt Mahoney,

Director of Government Affairs,

Pennsylvania Solar Center


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