Elk Township Historical Society to hold open house Saturday, May 11

The former Scandia one-room school, pictured, is the home of the Elk Township Historical Society. The society will hold its first open house of the season Saturday.

ELK – The Elk Township Historical Society will hold its first open house of the 2024 season on Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at the former Scandia one-room school.

The 1870s wooden one-room school was restored to its original appearance, including school room furniture and the painted wooden black board (slate was too expensive). Sit at an original desk, write on a lap slate with chalk and experience how students learned in school decades ago. Over a century of enrollment records are available for reference, including those from eleven other one-room schools that were located in Elk Township. The Scandia school operated until 1999.

A museum across the hallway has food preparation items, hand tools and other equipment used on the homestead. The museum also has genealogical references including township families by road name, many photographs and much more relating to life of the early settlers. Learn about family operated dairy farms, methods of preserving food, hand-made leather shoes, and the Scandia Coal Mine.

The school house is located at 3794 Cole Hill Road, Russell, Pa.


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