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Dear Editor,

I, for one, would be very appreciative if any news agency would publish a picture of the NRA membership card for any of the mass shooters. Even a picture of their hunting license might be sufficient. The NRA, with millions of members, is not the terrorist organization we’re hearing conveyed so frequently by several news organizations.

So why is the NRA in opposition to politicians – I believe it’s quite simple? Many politicians have already gone on record as wanting to take all the guns away from the entire population (i.e. Australia), including NRA members. Politicians backed off and now verbally acknowledge the 2nd Amendment (as did the Supreme Court). The NRA doesn’t buy their new posture and knows, full well, their real intent lives on in their hearts and minds and it’s now surfacing again.

Denis Corey,


An American

Dear Editor,

I am neither a Republican or a Democrat, I am an American! I am also neither a conservative or a liberal, just a realist! A realist being one who views things as they really are and would take the best from both philosophies to help solve the needs and problems of home, city, state, & country. An American is obviously anyone who supports America and does not hope for a recession, a conflict with other countries, or any other failure of America and our President.

Observation from a realist. Demon-crats are telling everyone America is the worst racist, sexist, & that “ist” country of all. It must be fundamentally changed (thanks, Barry) in every way. They are permitted to say and do anything (reprehensible things) they want, while constantly representing themselves as the victim if we say anything.

Obama taught an 8-year course in Victimology.

First, he divided our nation into as many small groups of victims by race, ethnicity, sex, and any other groups he could convince that they were oppressed in any way they could create. Enabled all of them to become victims.

Next, he, along with the media & all the filthy-rich entertainers & athletes, pushed the narrative of oppression & how terrible America was & is, leading to their need for fundamentally changing our history, constitution, values, the meaning of our words, the words we can use, and probably our flag, along with anything else they can.

Lastly, he combined all those small groups of victims (created by him) into anti-Americans. They are still not the majority of Americans, but Socialism is pounding on our door. We need to keep it shut.

Republicans have also failed America in many ways. Rarely getting anything done for we citizens. They are threatened by Trump’s desire for term limits (God we need that) for all members of Congress. That threat, along with the only thing too many of them spend the vast majority of their time & work on — getting re-elected. They all (both parties) are constantly campaigning & posturing back and forth on almost all issues in order to determine which position will get them re-elected. Getting nothing done constantly. None of them live by the same rules, laws, or regulations we do. They have exemptions from everything they legislate.

Wake up people & get real by being an American, not a victim.

I long for anyone to organize a debate forum on real issues any time. Debate, not interrupting or rudeness, which we see too often on all channels.

Civil discussion not uncivil war!

Too many things need discussed.

Jeffrey L. Carlson,



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