Threat to democracy

Dear Editor,

I see that a local resident again has been given a large space for commentary in your paper, and that again he has spewed vitriolic, distorted information through his public platform, much of which I responded to in an earlier letter.

It would be comical were such things not believed wholeheartedly by the writer and many others, but with President Trump denying the legitimacy of an election process that he readily accepted four years ago, our American democracy faces its greatest threat to a peaceful transfer in power in many years.

To the dismay of the people actually involved with elections and economic policies and health care, many examples of whom work locally and from whom your paper could obtain genuine, accurate interviews and information, you choose instead to give space to a man who simply repeats extremist views along the line of Alex Jones, who claimed that the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre that killed 20 children was a hoax.

Is this the type of “journalism” that you wish to promote? People are entitled to their opinions, but there are opinions and there are deliberate distortions of reality that form the propaganda that leads people-and nations-down dangerous paths. The earth is not flat no matter how loudly and how many times you repeat it. Fortunately there are still critical thinkers who value truth over politics and divisive language, and I trust that your paper will align itself with the former.

Wes Jacobs,



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