Humane society

Dear Editor,

Sometimes it takes a special circumstance to prompt our actions; write a letter in support comes to mind. That circumstance is an abandoned dog in the neighborhood.

After learning about the dog, a call was made to one of the PAWS’ board members, several hours before the facility formally opened for the day; I was assured that the director would be called immediately and notified about the problem. With all the rain the past few days, the animal was certainly in need of care and supervision.

We are fortunate in this county to have PAWS Along the River to watch out for and safeguard our animal population. Kudos to the director who has tough decisions to make on a regular basis; she needs support, not suspicion, as she and the board of directors do their best to serve the people and animals in Warren County with a top-notch facility.


Norma Bankoske,