Spanning the generations

Local Commentaries

The old axiom, “You’re only as old as you feel” is true. Some days I feel 103, although I do work extra hard to keep my sense of humor at 27. I don’t know another way to handle feeling 103 except to laugh at it. The most amazing thing to me about aging is how much overlap there is ...

Sinking sense

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, A recent political cartoon in the Times Observer was right on target. It showed a sinking cruise ship with people floating in the ocean shouting, “we oppose lifeboat mandates.” If everybody would do the right thing and get vaccinated we would not be fighting over ...

County missing benefits

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, For years I have wondered why Pennsylvania and Warren Country local officials have not partnered with the Appalachian Regional Commission to reduce the county’s isolationism, spur economic development, and improve the county’s broadband and highway development system. You can ...

We need normalcy

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, Norway ended COVID-19 restrictions on Sept. 25. COVID is considered a respiratory disease with seasonal variation. Its prime minister said it was time to return to a normal life. Restrictions lifted: social distancing, sports, cultural venues, restaurants and nightclubs reopen ...

Pandemic not over

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, I do not have any answers for you. I do, however, believe that logic and common sense play a large part in life. The number of COVID cases in Warren County has skyrocketed the past two months. Five hundred-plus just in September when we had barely any for the whole summer. ...

Still at war with COVID

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, U.S patriots on various battlefields have had to dodge long, nasty bayonets. Presently, some folks seem to think it is patriotic to dodge a tiny, thin COVID vaccine needle. Patriot soldiers in Middle East heat have had to wear cumbersome full face gas masks. Presently, some ...