Our opinion: Five years to solve budget issue

Our Opinion

We know changes are coming to the way schools are funded in Pennsylvania. What those changes will be, no one knows. Officials in rural areas like Warren County are pinning their hopes that the state aid funding formula reflects the difficulties of paying for a good education in areas ...

Our opinion: Budget needs shift in direction

Our Opinion

We hope our legislators are diligent and thorough as they enter the negotiating season for the state’s 2024 budget. Because, simply put, the 2024 budget proposed by Gov. Josh Shapiro spends too much money. The 2024 budget proposal spends about 7% more than the previous year’s budget — ...

Our opinion: State can’t be too generous

Our Opinion

Pennsylvania has approved guidelines for nearly $100 million in Public School Facility Improvement grants for districts and area career and technical schools that are eligible. While that sounds like a good idea, the state needs to go through these requests with a stringent eye. Applications ...

Readers Speak

Letters To Editor

A challenge of faith Dear Editor, As we enter The Year of our Lord 2024, we face many challenges, both to our nation and the world. How we respond to these challenges will not only determine the future, not only of this nation, but the world as a whole. A major factor in determining the ...

Editor’s corner: Super odds favor some winners, lots of losers


During the heart of the college and professional football seasons, New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli had some good news for state coffers while highlighting an obvious social concern in a news release. Gambling may be boosting revenues for Albany, but it’s taking a costly toll on ...

Let lawns soak in warmer temps


The previous days gave us a little taste of spring. I intended to get outside, find a sunny spot and enjoy a few days of 50 degree weather. Gardeners often use days like this to tidy up the garden, pick up sticks and accomplish general early spring maintenance. Don’t! Our lawns are in a ...