A lighthouse visit

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\When I think of a lighthouse, I picture a large structure with a revolving light near the shore of the ocean or a large lake. A couple years ago I had the good fortune to visit the lighthouse in Dunkirk, N.Y. Our class made arrangements for a tour of the facility while we were in town for a ...

Our opinion: A sign of some state listening

Our Opinion

“We hear their voice.” State Rep. Joe Hamm, R-Hepburn Township, emphasized that as an incumbent lawmaker — even one running uncontested in this month’s election — he understands the importance of staying connected to his constituents. It’s an important reminder of the role of ...

Blue skies, barf bags and bold airmen

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Occasionally, I give speeches, usually about my good old days working for an airline. My title for this 25-minute tell-all speech is “Blue Skies and Barf Bags.” The title pretty much says it all: It WAS WONDERFUL. Except for those few yucky moments when it wasn’t. If you are under 50, ...

Our opinion: Some issues other than the vote

Our Opinion

The midterm election has been like solitary confinement for Pennsylvania residents, like millions of other people across the United States. News about the war in Ukraine, about North Korea’s increased boldness regarding its missile capabilities, and reports about efforts to combat this ...

Our opinion: GOP must change or risk irrelevancy

Our Opinion

The red wave that was supposed to flood the country on Election Day was more like a red ripple — except for Pennsylvania, where a blue wave should have the state’s Republicans thinking about making some changes. Democrats have thus far gained nine seats on the state House of ...

Our opinion: School building closings coming

Our Opinion

There was a time when Warren County’s high schools were packed to the gills with students. Of course, that time has long passed. Now, we have a district using about half of its allotted space. At Youngsville, there were 1,733 student-periods available in unused classrooms. For WAHS, the ...