Editor’s corner: Warren County has huge role in presidency

Our Opinion

Warren County matters big time when it comes to this presidential election. All one has to do is look to the regional visit last weekend by Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Erie. As noted here one month ago, Pennsylvania is in play — and it could very well be the swing state that pushes ...

There’s no watering down major forest fires

Local Commentaries

Paul Wetzl, the chief meteorologist for TV station WKBN in Youngstown, said recently that in his long career with the station he had never given a forecast that called for overcast skies filled with smoke the following day as he was about to give that early evening. The smoke, which did make ...

Our opinion: Vaccine can’t come with delays

Our Opinion

When will we have an effective, safe, vaccine against COVID-19? That depends. Federal public health officials who are in the know and without any political agendas have said deliveries of vaccine can be expected sometime in January. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services predicts a ...

Our opinion: EMS is an emotional issue

Our Opinion

County Commissioner Ben Kafferlin struck a blow for common sense on an important issue earlier this week. With barbs concerning an EMS deal between the city of Warren and Pleasant Township flying around like tennis balls at Wimbledon, Kafferlin decided to take the county’s looming EMS ...

Difficult choices

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, I wrote before about not voting. This is a very different election over the usual cases. You have two candidates that most people do not want to see get the presidency. Yet we are told that we should vote. To me, that sounds hypocritical. That is like putting two rotten ...

Right choice on Halloween

Our Opinion

Kudos to Warren and surrounding townships that are allowing trick-or-treating to move forward on Halloween this year. It’s been a rough year for a lot of children. Activities they enjoy participating in were abruptly canceled, school time with friends was taken away suddenly and, for some, ...