Our opinion: Some book bans go too far

Our Opinion

Just when you think the absurdity boiling out of Florida cannot get any more dangerous, a story pops up such as the one from the Escambia County School District, where five dictionaries, eight encyclopedias and “The Guinness Book of World Records” has been added to its list of more than ...

View from Hickory Heights: Show your love

Local Commentaries

I got to thinking about Valentine’s Day when my son’s bedroom stove overheated. When they got home from work their bedroom was more than 90 degrees. When he told me about it my mind went back to a Valentine’s Day many years ago. My first husband was never big on Valentine’s Day. ...

Fraud can be an early morning felon

Local Commentaries

The phone call came at 6:10. In the morning. I know there are people who are awake and have begun their day by 6:00 a.m., but I am not one of them. I especially didn’t like hearing the voice that was on the other end of the receiver last Friday. “This is the fraud department at ...

Our opinion: Reassurances after derailment

Our Opinion

For all of Western Pennsylvania, the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, hits too close to home. Besides the major damage and destruction from the incident, there is a greater concern of protecting the health and safety of those in the region. While this happened hours away from Warren ...

Our opinion: Development needs fewer obstacles

Our Opinion

Legislation in the state House proposes that plans to build warehouses should be subject to referenda by voters. As the sponsor of the bill, state Rep. Joe Emrick, R-Upper Nazereth, explains, according to an article by The Center Square, “the people who are most affected” by proposals to ...

Our opinion: Reminder of natural wonder

Our Opinion

Twice last week, Warren County residents were reminded of the natural beauty that we sometimes take for granted. The Allegheny River was named the River of the Year by the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. . That announcement was followed later in the week by DCNR’s ...