Pandemic not over

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, I do not have any answers for you. I do, however, believe that logic and common sense play a large part in life. The number of COVID cases in Warren County has skyrocketed the past two months. Five hundred-plus just in September when we had barely any for the whole summer. ...

Still at war with COVID

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, U.S patriots on various battlefields have had to dodge long, nasty bayonets. Presently, some folks seem to think it is patriotic to dodge a tiny, thin COVID vaccine needle. Patriot soldiers in Middle East heat have had to wear cumbersome full face gas masks. Presently, some ...

A ‘disturbing’ column

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, The column “Why it’s not surprising young men are abandoning college” by Kathleen Parker in Times Observer was disturbing. I reread it in order to look very carefully at what the author was actually saying about the slipping position of men’s power and esteem in our ...

We can’t scoff at toll of COVID

Local Commentaries

In “8:10 Land,” more local people — 117 — have died in less time than 21 died in the Korean War and the Vietnam War combined. Warren County had 111 World War II casualties. Warren County remains in the high category of community transmission. However, in “8:10 Land,” less than ...

Readers Speak

Letters To Editor

‘Wonderful’ ceremony Dear Editor, Bravo to Ed and Ruth Seebeck for all your hard work organizing an especially beautiful service on Sept. 11. It did a great job honoring not only the 9/11 victims and heroes, but all those who have served and are currently serving in our military and as ...

Our opinion: One more delay with mask ruling

Our Opinion

It should surprise no one that a federal court has issued a temporary restraining order putting an end to the district’s procedure that made masks optional in county schools. At issue is the district’s Sept. 13 decision to permit parents to sign a waiver in order to exempt their children ...