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The Supervisors met on February 19 and the following are the items that were discussed:

A resident was present asking why the township was cleaning up the snow piles at Tops Markets parking lot. She stated that her tax dollars shouldn’t be paying to remove snow off a business that should be taking care of their own piles of snow. They have a contractor that plows their snow, can’t they remove it as well. Supervisor Fitch stated that this a goodwill effort and the snow was in a right-a-way on both streets making the visibility difficult.

Roadmaster Lester questioned a road bond for the sand trucks utilizing Leather Street and Elk Street. He is concerned when we blacktop these streets this summer, they are going to ruin it. Supervisor Paris stated local delivery. Supervisor Fitch stated they shouldn’t be using Leather Street though. Supervisor Paris will contact the company who is hauling sand now and make them aware of the situation.

The Roadmaster reviewed the minutes from the last meeting and under the high school signs information that Supervisor Paris provided was incorrect. We did not put the signs up, but the school district did. The townshiphad nothing to do with the installation of the signs. The township put temporary signs up until they put up the permanent signs. Also, there is no hole in the grate at the end of Tionesta Street; it’s a decomposing metal pipe. This will be a priority in spring.

This is Andrea’s Stapleford’s, township solicitor, response for filing charges against somebody who has been caught on camera for dumping trash in the township recycling center: Ordinance No. 33 was amended in 2014 to provide for a fine of $50, which can be imposed after a hearing with the district magistrate. Also, every day that this continues can be considered a separate offense. Because this is something that you are requesting him to stop doing, as opposed to requesting him to do correctly, it is going to be important to keep checking the security cameras to see if he continues to dump his garbage at the recycling location. If he does, the next step would be to file a complaint against him with the magistrate. The township would continue to file complaints every time he does this. Supervisor Fitch asked about larger signs at the recycling center. Roadmaster Lester stated that he could get signs the size of the “No Parking” signs and place them at the center. Supervisor Paris asked the Roadmaster to make sure the sign states “Fines will be imposed on violators.” With a motion by Supervisor Paris, seconded by Supervisor Fitch and duly carried, signs will be purchased and put on recycling center stating that the recycling center is under surveillance and fines are be imposed on violators.

The road crew will attend the Center for Dirt and Gravel Road Studies ESM Training. They will be at Cross Creek Golf Course and Conference Center on Tuesday, April 10, and Wednesday, April 11, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They will not stay there overnight, but travel home on Tuesday and return on Wednesday.

The Redevelopment Authority met on January 16 and the following are the minutes of the Properties that are in Sheffield Township:

— The John Whipple and Jessica Camp property located at 15-1/2 Tan St., Sheffield, Parcel #SH-367-1464, Sheffield Twp. (declared blighted by BPRC on 8/17/17)

Dan Glotz presented this item, along with photos, to the RDA. This item was submitted in May of last year, and the property was abandoned and on the Judicial sale list. Both Mr. Whipple and Ms. Camp have been receiving correspondence from us. John Whipple wants nothing to do with this property, but Jessica Camp would like to retain it. They both attended the Blighted Property Review Committee meeting but didn’t attend the Planning Commission meeting on January 2nd. The Blighted Property Review Committee declared the first blight at their meeting of August 17, 2017. This property is not tax delinquent but it does meet 6 of the 10 criteria to declare it blighted. James Steffan made a motion to send them another letter requesting them to attend the February RDA meeting; otherwise, the RDA will proceed with conservatorship. They need to state their intent and attend the February meeting with a written plan. Charles Barone seconded the motion. A vote was taken and all were in favor. Motion carried.

— Steven R. and Luann Young property at 61 Second Mill St., Sheffield Twp., Parcel #SH-354-9295

Glotz spoke with John Hilyer and he said he just got the electric turned on in the house and he can start making some progress with his power tools. There is also a pile of wood out back that he will take care of. This item was tabled until next month

— Property at 4582 Route 6, Sheffield Township, owned by Harbour Portfolio VIII LP, Parcel No. SH-365-8913

Attorney Stapleford stated that the Conservatorship petition was filed and she is waiting for a hearing date. This item is on the judicial sale list. Pamela Matve made a motion to hold off on pursuing conservatorship until after the Judicial tax sale to see if the RDA can purchase this property, if no one else does, which can be decided at the April meeting. Charles Barone seconded the motion. A vote was taken and all were in favor. Motion carried.

— Ken Win, LLC property located at 114 and 116 West Main St., Sheffield, Parcel #SH-355-9556, Sheffield Township

Attorney Stapleford reported that a hearing will be held on January 22. The RDA will be the conservator and can decide what to do with the property at that point.

The supervisors discussed the roads that are going to be blacktopped this season and starting to get the bid ready with PennDOT. Ian suggested that the township add Pickering Street from Whipple to School Street for blacktopping as well. Catch basins are too high and everything else was done up to that street, perhaps consider widening this street as well. Supervisor Bulicz would like to see us move forward with preparing our bid packet with PennDOT and do the streets that were left off of last year’s bid; which was Leather Street, Elk Street and Center Street from bridge to Elk Street.

Milling down streets in town was discussed because of the drainage issues and keep milling for township use, storing them at Chris Cochran’s property on Sawmill Road, the old Grobosky building. The collapsed pipe at Cemetery Road was discussed. This pipe runs through the school yard and not down the road. Also discussed was Barnes Cemetery Road and Spicer Road. Supervisor Paris suggested the fire department’s back parking lot. Supervisor Bulicz will speak with Chief Bell or President Repine.

Spring Road Inspection will be Saturday, April 14, and June 16 for Spring Clean-up day as long as the high school allows thew township to utilize the parking lot. Once a date is set, the secretary is to contact Advanced Disposal and Cassella for quotes and also try to find somebody who can do electronic recycling on this day. Supervisor Fitch is also going to ask Advanced Disposal about the electronic recycling.

The township needs to revisit the Scuteri junkyard situation. A resident called with complaints in regards to the condition. He also would like you to look at Snyder properties on Foulkrod and on 1st Mill Street the Axel Johnson property. The secretary reviewed her emails from the solicitor with regard to Scuteri and we are waiting on her to further investigate the right-a-way agreement on Cottage Avenue. Supervisor Paris also received several complaints in regards to the Axel Johnson property on First Mill Street. The road master is to get pictures.

Lonny Heeter submits a quote for takedown and removal of a dead pine tree on Chaple Lane in the amount of $450. The quote was approved.

The Roadmaster spoke on his meeting with the township engineer Jeff Holcomb in regards to the soil nailing on Spicer Road, for the bank stabilization. He is working with Mr. Holcomb and Warren County Conservation District for a Low Volume Road Grant for Spicer Road.

There were several items that were questioned as to whether or not the township could do as in-kind services for the grant money: Digging, placing riffraff, guiderails and flagging were among the list. Supervisor Fitch stated why not just move the road 6 to 8 feet and take over the property from the individual. It was discussed that there is a sewage line in this area and the individual who owns the property doesn’t respond to letters sent in the past.

Supervisor Paris asked about the piles of anti-skid out back of the maintenance garage and what can be done with it. She suggested screening it out and remove the rip rap. The Roadmaster stated that this could definitely be done.

Supervisor Fitch stated that he had a complaint from a resident of Tan Street in regards to the wash out in front of her house and her driveway. The last flood took all the gravel away leaving a huge drop off. He contacted Scott, Ian had left early for this meeting, and he took care of it with a backhoe bucket full of gravel.

Other matters discussed:

— received a Certificate of Occupancy for Robert and Paulette Grove for 615 South Main Street for replacement of front porch/roof existing.

— There is no warranty available for the torn tarp. A 30-day warranty was the only thing available and we purchased this on October 31.

— Julia Vile is interested in coming back to our playground program for this summer. Both last year’s directors are available to come back.

— Total amount of the cost for the boarding up of 114-116 West Main Street is $486.22, which includes materials, labor and mileage to Lowe’s. This has been sent to the solicitor.

The next meeting of the supervisors is Monday, March 19, at 7:30 p.m. at the Food Pantry.

K of C Lenten Fish Dinner

The Knights of Columbus Fish Dinners are being served every Friday night during lent at the St. Paul Center, Route 6, Saybrook Sheffield from 5 to 7 p.m. Meal includes deep-fried Haddock, french fries, coleslaw, rolls, desserts, and beverage all included for $9. There is a 50/50 each night and takeouts are available.

Tuesday Night Piyo Class

Sheffield Lion’s Den every Tuesday is Piyo promptly at 6 p.m. High intensity, low impact hour long workout. Be sure to bring water and a yoga mat.

Sheffield VFW News

The Sheffield VFD will be holding a buffet on March 16 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the fire department social hall. All are welcome to attend. Adult price is $10 and children under 12, $6. Takeouts are available.

The Sheffield VFD Auxiliary will be holding their Spring Craft Show on March 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Fire Department Social Hall and Ambulance Bay. Over 50 tables of crafters will be showing their wares. Will include clothing, raffles, home based businesses, baked goods, jewelry, and more. There is free admission and refreshments are available.

Coming Events

-March 14th Auction at Sheffield VFD

-March 16th Buffet Dinner at Sheffield VFD

-March 19th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-March 24th Craft Show at the Sheffield VFD

-April 2 Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-April 4- JR High Home Track Meet against Johnsonburg Area at 4pm

-April 5th 7PM Sheffield Municipal Authority Monthly Meeting

-April 10th Varsity Track Meet at 4PM against Coudersport

-April 11th Jr High Warren County Track Meet at 3:30PM

-April 14th Soup and Sub Sale at the Sheffield VFD

-April 16th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

– Home girls softball game at 4:15 against Johnsonburg Area

-April 17th Varsity Track Meet at 4PM against Smethport

-April 21st Sheffield Sports Boosters Bash at the Sheffield Fire Hall

-April 23rd Varsity Track Meet at 4PM against North Clarion

-April 24th Home Girls Softball game at 4:15pm against ECC

-April 27th Buffet Dinner at the Sheffield VFD

-April 30th Home Girls Softball Game at 4:15pm against Youngsville

-May 2nd – Home Girls Softball Game at 4:15pm against Otto Eldred

-May 3rd 7PM Sheffield Municipal Authority Meeting

Home Girls Softball Game at 4:15 against Forest Area Schools

-May 4th Jr High Track Meet-Sports Boosters Invitational at 3:30PM

-May 7th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-May 8th Home Girls Softball Game doubleheader at 3PM against Currensville Area

-May 10th Varsity Track Meet at 3:30PM Warren County Track Meet

-May 16th Home Girls Softball Game against Kane at 4:15pm

-May 18th Buffet Dinner at the Sheffield VFD

-May 21st Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-June 4th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-June 9th Sheffield Rotary Golf Scramble at Blueberry Golf Course 1:30PM shot gun start

-June 16th Spring Clean up Day from 7am-2pm at the Sheffield High School parking lot

-June 18th Sheffield Township Supervisors Meeting at 7:30PM at the Food Pantry

-June 22nd Buffet Dinner at the Sheffield VFD

-August 13-18th Sheffield Fireman’s Festival

-October 12-14th Johnny Appleseed Festival