Don’t apply

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, I read with great interest the article, City council opposition to sidewalk ordinance. In particular I refer to Mayor Cashman’s question as to who is liable if he were to trip on a sidewalk. The answer in the City of Warren is no one. To paraphrase a retired Warren County ...

Our Opinion: Science

Our Opinion

An improved economy means more jobs and better ones. Even liberals who claim President-elect Donald Trump will be bad for low-income and unemployed Americans have to concede that. Now, the International Monetary Fund has revised its forecast for the U.S. economy during the next two years. It ...

Mike Bleech

The real cool cats of North America

Local Commentaries

After running about a dozen trail cameras for several years, back to film cameras, finally a couple of years ago I got a photo of a bobcat. This summer I got about four bobcat photos, triggering a renewed interest in the wild cats of North America. All three of the more common native North ...

Not from anyone

Letters To Editor

To the Editor, Speaking as one of a great many around here who were deeply disgusted at the outcome of the November elections, I no longer want to hear, “You lost, get over it,” or other equivalents. This was not a matter of losing an election; in fact we Democrats, living as we do ...

Jeff Tome
For The Audubon

Nature’s perfect flood

Local Commentaries

The recent flooding at the Audubon Community Nature Center provided a rare opportunity. With water a foot deep on many parts of the property, wildlife became concentrated on the high parts of the forest. Many animals had nowhere else to go without swimming, so I took advantage of the wet by ...


Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, So goes a country’s currency so goes a country. United States of American was most great in prosperity and global acclaim when on the gold standard, 1834 to 15 August 1971. Donald Trump, “Make America Great Again”, does not describe to failure, knows a class-act legacy ...

Our Opinion: Discretion

Our Opinion

It’s probably something that can’t be avoided. A team. A workforce. A school. Teenage girls! But, my, oh my, there are times social media should be avoided and avoided entirely. Based on the incident that happened at Monday’s Strong Vincent at Warren girls basketball game, the ...

DeVos not what America needs in Public Education

Letters To Editor

To the Editor, Betsy DeVos, selected by the president-elect for Education Secretary of the USA, is unfit to serve. DeVos has actively tried to dismantle public education in her home state of Michigan. Neither she, nor her children attended public education. The DeVos family heavily funded ...

Putin not a nice guy

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, Now we’re being told Putin isn’t such a bad fellow. He would never have any reason or desire to mess with our electoral process. After all George W. Bush looked in his eyes and said, “I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straightforward and trustworthy; I ...

Our Opinion: Not likely

Our Opinion

By 2025, new cars and trucks in dealer showrooms will achieve fuel economy averaging 51.4 miles per gallon, the Environmental Protection Agency has mandated. Given the fact that by the EPA’s own numbers, average fuel economy in the United States was just 24.8 mpg, that seems more than a ...


Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, Many thanks to the letter writers who dared to broach the subject of racism in the Reader’s Speak section last week.  President Obama’s election illustrated that, although we have made much progress, a virulent strain of this disease still infects our nation.  The Church ...

Our Opinion: Sacred promise

Our Opinion

Few Cabinet officers head agencies based almost solely on promises. But Dr. David Shulkin, nominated to head the Department of Veterans Affairs, will be one if he is confirmed by the U.S. Senate. The VA’s mission is to keep the promise we Americans make to everyone in military service. It ...


I’m in a fight for the title

Local Commentaries

Who has two thumbs and just started watching Game of Thrones? This girl. I don’t like not being in on memes. That, and I got a free trial of HBO. After episode one I was pretty sure I was going to cancel the next day. I’m not into fantasy or science fiction. Well. Okay, there’s ...


Finding another way

Local Commentaries

Have any of you made fruit soup?  I used to make it quite often as a side dish when I made rice pudding.  This is nothing like the cold soups that they serve on cruises, but it is very good.    I used to buy a pound package of mixed dried fruit for the base.  That contained dried prunes, ...


The beat goes on

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I had a “medical adventure” recently. After a strenuous two-day, manual labor-oriented project, my left shoulder ached. It felt like a muscular issue and I had had shoulder issues in the past. Usually, over-worked muscles hurt for several days. But this time it went away. It went away too ...


Local Commentaries

Low iron During a recent proclamation for School Choice Week, a county official repeatedly referred to the abundance of public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, and non-public schools available in the county. While we have no problem with most of that statement, we are ...


Home alone

Local Commentaries

Between the long work hours and the holiday preparations, the traveling to, the traveling from, Cara being home, Cara being gone...well. It’s just been hectic and an emotional past few months. I’m plainly burned out. This is probably why Tim’s plans to go to Texas for 2-3 weeks made me a ...

Tracy Ridge

Letters To Editor

Cheers to the U.S. Forest Service for its plan to promote and designate additional mountain-bike riding miles at Tracy Ridge. “Build it and they will come.” That catchphrase should be embraced by our regional tourism community as it seeks to increase the number of visitors (with money ...

Our Opinion: Starting at home

Our Opinion

Retired Marine Gen. John Kelly told U.S. senators this week that if they confirm him as the nation’s next leader of the Department of Homeland Security, his top priority will be closing the nation’s borders to “illegal movement of people and things.” Given what his potential boss, ...

In response

Letters To Editor

A curiously one-sided letter in the Times Observer of January 11 merits a response. As one who lived in the deep South when it was racially segregated and almost uniformly Democratic, I have a different perspective. I lived in Houston from 1948 to 1952. For you to know what it was like, I ...