Our Opinion: A new leaf

Our Opinion

Several presidents have treated their vice presidents notoriously and sometimes irresponsibly badly. The late President Harry Truman knew all about that. When he took office upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, he had to be told about the atomic bomb. Roosevelt had kept him in the ...

Impanel a grand jury

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, Jon Sitler, having been an outstanding sports editor and reporter, has become an even more outstanding editor of our newspaper. I would like to commend him and his staff for NOT being a part of the Big Lie Machine during the nomination and electoral processes in our most ...

A chance

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, It has finally happened. I never thought I’d be writing a letter to the editor, but after reading Jules Witcover in Friday’s paper I can’t ignore it. In it he criticized President Trump for going to Florida and playing golf with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. He ...


God bless Trump for trying

Local Commentaries

“It is important that we unify the country.” — Donald Trump God Bless Donald Trump. During his televised talk on Feb.16 (I watched on Fox News), Trump called for “an honest press.” He’s making a case for the media attacks and fake news against him. He talks about the bias and the ...


Then spell check came along

Local Commentaries

I was a judge at the Warren County spelling bee. It was a great opportunity for students to show their poise, memory, and knowledge in front of a crowd. The students were amazing. I don’t remember being in a spelling bee. I’m sure somewhere along the line I competed in spelling in ...


Walking in the wee hours

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Some mornings it isn’t worth getting out of bed. But some mornings you don’t have any choice. I was really whipped last night. When the alarm went off first thing this morning , Dear Richard, as usual, hit the snooze button. All bundled up under the comforter, I was looking forward to ...


Treat those live minnows like gold

Local Commentaries

Since the epidemic of diseased baitfish, vhs, the cost of baitfish has been rising. Now no baitfish can not be transported from one watershed to another, or across state borders, unless an angler buys ‘certified’ minnows and keeps the receipt on hand to prove the minnows are certified. ...


If my table could talk

Local Commentaries

What if my table could talk? I am certain that it could tell many stories. I am speaking about my kitchen table. I acquired my kitchen table just after I moved to Hickory Heights. It came from my grandfather’s homestead. I remembered when that table set in the kitchen when we visited. ...

Vonnie Radecki, BSW, Hospice Bereavement & Toni Williams, MS, CT, Hospice Grief

Forgotten mourner

Local Commentaries

Many circumstances can create a loss for a child. Such things as parental separation, divorce, a significant change in living arraignments or a change in school districts, especially during the middle of the school year, can cause a sense of loss and grief. A child can also experience grief ...

Jeff Tome

Winter lake trip

Local Commentaries

The wind off of the lake carries a special kind of cold with it. This cold pushes through every crack in your clothing, freezes nostrils shut and burning the lungs in a way that only a lake wind can. Hands freeze into claws while awareness of toes fades and is replaced by an odd, icy burning in ...


Buying the propaganda

Local Commentaries

Love at first sight is a bunch of malarkey. Hogwash? Poppycock, good sir! Look, whatever. Most people know this. Most people get that love and attraction are two different things. Most people know that love - actual love - develops slowly. As the lovely Tim Minchin put it, love is ...

Our Opinion: Every way

Our Opinion

Apparently Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen feels more at liberty now to do the right thing. No wonder. She has a conservative Congress to back her up — and a president unlikely to veto its actions. On Tuesday, Yellen testified before the Senate Banking Committee. One of her key ...

Our Opinion: Reversal of fortune

Our Opinion

Between 2011 and last year, the United States lost enough coal-fired electric generating capacity to serve about 47 million homes. What has that meant to the millions of families who have lost access to low-cost electricity generated with coal? Money. Monthly electric bills have gone up and ...

Our Opinion: Of little faith

Our Opinion

When U.S. military helicopters were sent to Afghanistan to aid in the battle against terrorists there, many of their mechanics stayed behind in this country. Men and women accustomed to servicing the aircraft and with a very real stake in doing it well — their comrades in arms fly the ...

Times Observer photo by Brian Ferry
The Conewango Clippers serenade Linda Krespan for Valentine’s Day at Warren Manor. The Clippers, and the Harmony Gals of the Chautauqua Shores Chorus, performed throughout the county on Tuesday.

Hearing the Clippers in action


When I saw the Conewango Clippers gathering at McDonald’s, where I was eating lunch, I thought I had just happened into a photo opp. The Clippers wander the county on Valentine’s Day singing love songs to usually unsuspecting loved ones. They’re like the Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus, or ...

Our Opinion: Pakistan biggest threat?

Our Opinion

It may be that the most critical foreign relations problem facing President Donald Trump, at least in the short term, is not Russia or China. It is Pakistan, which for years has been enabling terrorist groups in Afghanistan and thus, the rest of the world. During testimony before the Senate ...

‘I’m sorry’

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, This is not a rant. It is mostly an observation and, belatedly, an apology to the Sheriff’s Department. Let me explain. I went to the Court House yesterday (Friday). I always like to approach the building from the front. It is a beautiful edifice, reminiscent of days gone by ...

Our Opinion: Running wild

Our Opinion

On Jan. 30, President Donald Trump issued an order that requires federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for every new one they establish. It was in keeping with his pledge to reduce the cost and intrusiveness of government. Now, two organizations and a labor union have filed a ...

‘Unlock their doors’

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, First, I wish President Trump God’s speed in putting together a coalition of nations to lower the boom on Iran and Isis before they turn their modern day version of The Crusades into a nuclear apocalyptic crusade. Secondly, I wish that all those who oppose the ban on ...

Possible N.Y. declawing ban

Letters To Editor

Dear Editor, In regards to recent news articles indicating that New York and New Jersey may institute bans on the declawing of cats, it would seem to me that the time and effort to enact these laws would be better spent working on legislation to protect other animals who suffer far worse ...