Are we at a crisis now?

Dear Editor,

Don’t you ever get tired?

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of comments by residents lately. As usual, these have been by a lot of the same ole sage writers, formerly ranting about Donald J. Trump and how he had to go and what a bad man he was. And now, having succeeded in helping to get rid of a leader, who got us through an unprecedented economic crisis, brought on by the “Never let a crisis go to waste,” crowd, guess what?

It’s still about Trump. Lord, are these people misguided! The rebound was going great. Go look at your 401k/IRA statements for 2021. If you know anything about economics and the historic influence of optimism on outcomes, you already realize how valuable the changes he made from Day One, and on, were to getting us through COVID shutdowns.

As usual, a lot of the same drivel. Excuse me, I’ll walk you through it.

Let’s see, first of all … no, I’ll save it for later. But, I’ll give you a hint … a firearm that looks scary to you is no more dangerous than a firearm you would never suspect.

As an aside: What would happen if we had an honest-to-goodness Black Plague scale outbreak? Would you rely on the CDC? Would you obey the draconian dictates that were slammed on you last time? Are you willing to die for your fellow man’s freedom?

Ralph Keniston,



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