Warren County remains at 3 positive COVID-19 cases

Warren County remains at three positive COVID-19 cases, according to information released Wednesday by Warren General Hospital officials.

Warren General Hospital and Warren Medical Group will maintain all COVID-19 precautions, including screening and masking of all who enter the hospital, and a no-visitor policy. Hospital officials are staying cautious with Friday’s move to a “green” designation for businesses. As more people move around and businesses open there will be enhanced opportunity for spread of the COVID -19 virus. The hospital’s COVID-19 leadership team will evaluate any potential policy changes throughout the month of June.

The hospital has tested 324 individuals for COVID-19, though hospital officials say availability of testing kits, including swabs and medium, remains very limited. The hospital’s policy of testing only those patients with severe symptoms and hospital staff and first responders remains in place.

Hospital supplies of personal protective equipment is adequate, though disposable gowns are in very short supply.

As of June 1, Warren General Hospital and Warren Medical Group staff vacations may be scheduled. Approval must be granted by a supervisor or manager and will involve a discussion as to travel plans.

Over the past two weeks, since the revocation of the mandated delay of outpatient services and elective procedures, patient volumes have steadily increased. The hospital and medical group are now at 70% of budgeted volumes across all services. Volumes are expected to be up to budgeted levels by the end of June.


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