Dear Editor,

It’s not only vividly evident, but outrageously disturbing that the impeachment trial of Donald John Trump by the Senate was not an impartial trial, and equally pernicious. Without relevant documents and key witnesses how, may I ask, can any person decide whether or not an individual is, or is not, guilty of an offense? Honesty was lacking and the truth stumbled in the Republican dominated Senate. Where were the “Tall Oaks” such as the late Senator John McCain who opposed Trump on O’Bama Care with a thumb down? Today, Senator Romney became a man of conviction, without fear, to vote to impeach Trump; and a sturdy Oak withstanding a shallow, breathless Senate.

In truth,in judgment and in justice this was anything but a trial.

Integrity is defined as “Soundness of moral principle and character;uprightness;honesty.” Where was the courage, honor and integrity to determine the truth in the Senate? Clearly, Trump avoided impeachment, however the integrity of all but one Republican Senator was more than suspect. In particular, McConnell,Alexander, Graham,Rubio and Toomey.A persons political future, rather than the truth, prevailed. How sad for our country, but not for the Republicans.

Trump’s continuing sophmorish audacity to accuse any negative comment, or accusation against him as a “Witch Hunt” or a “Phony Hoax” is tiring, as is his unbecoming name calling. In defense of Trump,however, he did not receive a fair trial, which any of us deserve under our Constitution and legal system. He should demand a re-trial with witnesses and documents. Perhaps his tarnished impeachment legacy would be upheld for the sake of history and his twitter account. He will certainly gloat about his acquital, however, he should be more concerned about a future JUDGE.

More disturbing than the impeachment trial is the fact that Professor Dershowitz’s philosophy pertaining to what a president may, or may not do, to be elected flies in the face of logic, common sense and the Constitution. If his conclusion prevails then our equal branches of government will be an historic footnote. I’m confident that Dershowitz is familiar with Flavius Josephus, the renowned Antiquity Judaism historian who wrote, “be a warning to mankind that they take care of conducting their whole lives by the rule of virtue.” Virtue was absent with his unremarkable defense of Trump.

In conclusion, our democracy demands that our elected representatives protect our sacred Constitution and the rule of law.Today,too many failed that sworn obligation and duty to every one of us, and they themselves. This day, America should be in tears and screaming in anguish for justice.


M.J. Shanshala,



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