‘Abuse of power’

Dear Editor,

This is “abuse of power.”

When Joe Biden was vice-president, he threatened then Ukrainian President Poroshenko. He told him the Obama administration would withhold one billion dollars of loan guarantees unless Poroshenko fired prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Shokin planned to investigate Burisma (natural gas company) for corruption. Biden didn’t want that as Burisma gave Joe’s son Hunter a high paying position on Burisma’s board.

Though Hunter had no expertise in the field, his American firms received monthly transfers, usually over $166,000, from spring ’14 through fall ’15.

Of course, Shokin was fired. Once out of office, Joe gloated, “son of a — he got fired.” He insisted Obama was “in” on the threat.

“The Hill,” among many sources, detailed this sordid story.

This was a far greater abuse of power than the weak charge against President Trump. Trump sent aid to the Ukraine and released the transcript of his call to current Ukrainian President Zelensky. He also furnished weapons to the Ukraine, which Obama denied. Obama didn’t want to upset Russia.

Yes, Biden is a potential opponent. That should not excuse him from his abuse of power as “VP.”

A New York Post article calls “obstruction of congress” and “utterly ridiculous” charge. In “Town Hall,” Tulane law professor Ross Garber called it “particularly weak.” Senator Toomey correctly said, “a president’s defense of his legal and constitutional rights and responsibilities is not an impeachable offense.” The executive and legislative branches have their own constitutionally defined rights.

It’s viewed, by many, as a “made up” charge because Trump won’t “knuckle under” to the petulant, self-righteous, immature arrogance of the likes of Pelosi and Schiff.

Meanwhile, these have happened during Trump’s term: Lowest unemployment rate since 1969; record low unemployment for black and hispanic Americans; lowest poverty rate in nearly 20 years; energy independence; killing of terrorist leaders Baghdadi, Soleimani and Al-Rimi; progress on border security so safe and legal migrants are admitted; “NATO” allies paying closer to their fair share for defense. There are more but space is limited.

The above favors all Americans, not just us Republicans. The loudest Trump opponents have tried to invalidate his election for 3 years (Mueller investigation, Mueller testimony and the rightful failure of impeachment). It’s time to focus on their constituents. Many Democrats are doing so with a dignity far above Pelosi’s childish behavior at the State of the Union address.


Terry D. Hallock,



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