Park sets up Bigfoot scavenger hunt

Anyone seen Bigfoot?

Rumor has it, Sasquatch can be found at Chapman State Park.

To help seekers find him, park officials have set up a Where in Chapman State Park is Bigfoot scavenger hunt.

The first clue is: “start here, where outdoor church services are held from Memorial Day to Labor Day.”

Those who can work that one out will find a clue at that location to take them to the next.

“Follow the clues around the park to find Bigfoot,” Environmental Education Specialist Jen Moore said. “Record the letter from each clue to spell the secret word. Then write that word in the logbook.”

GPS units are not required, but may be used in the search. There are coordinates listed at each clue location, Moore said. “Don’t forget to search for the cache at the end.”


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