Officials asking residents to act responsibly during holiday weekend

There were nine new cases of COVID-19 reported in Warren County this week — two of them on Friday.

That is fully one-quarter of all of the 36 cases in the county since the Department of Health starting tracking them in March.

The county is still below 100 cases per 100,000 population at 91.10.

The department has firmed up some cases, dropping the number of suspected cases from 11 to nine since Thursday.

Labor Day

Officials are asking citizens to act responsibly this holiday weekend and not to contribute to community spread.

“Large gatherings are seen as an opportunity to spread,” Warren General Hospital Chief Operating Officer and Chief Nursing Officer Joe Akif said.

Masking, social distancing, and disinfecting practices should be maintained.

Flu shots

COVID precautions could have positive impacts on the flu season and flu shots might have a positive impact on COVID.

“Everybody is starting to gear up now for flu season,” Akif said. “You’ll start to see the vaccination clinics the end of this month.”

He said research shows that those who are “up to date on their vaccinations seem to be less susceptible to COVID. You seem to have a built up cross-immunity.”

So, “for those who are (wondering about) getting flu shots… get your flu shots,” he said.

It’s possible the flu season will not be as bad as usual due to the COVID precautions.

Along with masking, social distancing, frequent and proper hand-washing, and other steps, “the flu shot will give you more protection,” he said.


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