Our opinion: Why rush with Warren Worx?

Believe it or not, we still haven’t made up our mind on whether Warren Worx is worth the investment being required of the city of Warren or Warren County’s government.

The concept seems ill-defined and fuzzy at this time – and the fact the initiative’s first project is going to focus on branding isn’t encouraging. No one is going to hear a new slogan and decide Warren County is the place for them to raise a family. It’s hard to wrap one’s head around exactly what either the city or county government will get for their investment.

Again, we’re not saying Warren Worx is destined for failure. We’re saying we’re not sure we’d invest our money in this endeavor if we were asked given the information we’ve read.

That’s why we wonder why the City Council was in such a rush to approve Warren Worx during its meeting last week. Yes, the initiative has been discussed a lot in the past several months. The push for a unanimous vote is pure poppycock, as is the thought that Warren Worx is so important to the future of the city and county that it couldn’t be delayed for a month to make sure the public is on board. If unanimity is as important as it sounded to councilman Maurice Cashman, then the one-month delay to get councilwomen Danielle Flasher and Wendy McCain on board would have been a worthy time investment.

If the time for discussion is past and the time for implementation is now, as Mayor Dave Wortman said, our question is what’s getting done in the next month that reverses our fortunes? Getting things right is more important than getting things done quickly.

City, county and Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry officials are right when they say something has to be done to keep young people in Warren County to rebuild its population. They’re right when they say we need to do a better job bringing in new jobs to make the county more attractive. But everyone has to remember we didn’t get into this mess overnight.

Waiting a month on Warren Worx wouldn’t have meant much in the grand scheme of things. Why the rush? Taxpayers should ask themselves a question. If you were given the information presented to the City Council about why they should fund Warren Worx, and it was your $100,000, would you fork over the cash?

We doubt that you would.


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