Our opinion: Disappointing end for historic site

We enjoyed thinking of what a restored Fairmont Hotel could mean for Youngsville.

The Fairmont Hotel is the oldest building in Youngsville, with the borough built around the building as more and more people came to the Youngsville area. Keeping that history alive was part of the draw for both Nathaniel Weaver, the building’s last owner, and those who wanted to see his restoration of the hotel succeed.

But damage from a January fire at Lonnie’s Pizza made that restoration too big and expensive a project. It’s a disappointing end for a building that played such a big part of Youngsville’s history.

But one disappointing end can mean a promising new beginning. Revitalization of Youngsville has purchased the property with plans to demolish the building and create a park plaza at the site.

None of this will happen quickly. Demolition costs are between $35,000 and $50,000 – money ROY will have to raise. Then the non-profit will have to raise the money to create the park plaza. That means a lot of fundraising and grant requests to make the future a reality for the Fairmont Hotel site.

Doing something with an underused lot is going to cost money – and it will take some time to get it. The more things change, the more they remain the same.


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