Our opinion: Some book bans go too far

Just when you think the absurdity boiling out of Florida cannot get any more dangerous, a story pops up such as the one from the Escambia County School District, where five dictionaries, eight encyclopedias and “The Guinness Book of World Records” has been added to its list of more than 1,600 books that could soon be banned.

You read that right.

To be clear, a representative of the district says the list has been compiled to “ensure compliance with the new legislation.”

The legislation school districts fear violating is Florida House Bill 1069.

Go look it up.

“Florida’s new censorship landscape under laws like HB 1069 is robbing students of all kinds of important books and resources, such as those on major topics like the Holocaust, and shockingly, the Dictionary,” Kasey Meehan, program director of PEN America’s Freedom to Read program, told CBS News.

It is terrifying to realize the number of lawmakers who hope to grab control away from parents and local school districts.


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