Our opinion: Kinzua Beach project has potential

New cabins, an expanded outdoor event venue and RV hookups at Kinzua Beach are an interesting idea — as long as they are done in a way that doesn’t spoil the natural beauty of the area.

No one wants to see a project that changes the character of Kinzua Beach nor a project that chases away those who enjoy spending a lazy summer day there.

No one wants to see a massive condominium built there either.

But something that fits in the beach’s character could make sense. Jim Decker, WCCBI president and CEO, noted the lack of federal investment in the area. Encouraging a private development that maintains the character of Kinzua Beach can pay off financially for area businesses and create a new amenity that everyone can enjoy.

Nothing is set in stone. But this is something that those who use Kinzua Beach should keep an eye on and a process they should participate in if it moves forward. Tourism spending generated $124.6 mllion for the Warren County economy in 2020 — and we’d be foolish to immediately dismiss a project that could help broaden that segment of the local economy.


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