Our opinion: Defense system needs upgrade

For most people, the knowledge of NORAD is limited to checking in on Santa’s progress each Christmas Eve. But the North American Aerospace Defense Command is an important part of the defense system for our corner of the globe.

It is showing its age, and the joint U.S.-Canadian early warning system has not kept up with rapidly advancing technology.

Canadian officials are ready to do something about that, as they have pledged to invest nearly $5 billion.

“As autocratic regimes threaten the rules-based international order that has protected for decades, and as our competitors develop new technologies like hypersonic weapons and advanced cruise missiles, there is a pressing need to modernize Canada’s NORAD capabilities,” said Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand.

With the money, Canada hopes to build new radar networks to detect threats coming over the Arctic, as well as command and control systems, advanced air-to-air missiles and other defensive measures.

Good. Americans should be able to breathe a little easier with the improvements as well.

Though it has taken several decades to come around to understanding that our location is no longer sufficient protection, Canada is taking a significant step toward making sure we have the best protection possible.


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