Our opinion: Placing focus on hurtful actions

Discussion last week amongst Warren County School Board members of possible censoring of students’ language missed a bigger point — how the words are being used.

Mike Kiehl, transportation manager, said he needs cameras on schoool buses because of the number of incidents and severity of incidents on district buses. Principals have reported to district officials an increasing number of discipline problems.

It’s a bit disappointing, then, to see the discussion focus on “Let’s Go Brandon” and the wearing of Make America Great Again gear.

The issue isn’t so much the words as how they are being used — and teachers and principals say they’re being used not as jokes but as ways for students to bully each other.

So let’s redirect the spotlight from the words being used to the issue that deserves attention — students bullying each other.

It’s in that regard where board member Paul Mangione made the most cogent point from last week’s meeting.

It is up to parents to instill in their children the switch where children who believe different things, who look different, who behave differently or whose families have different political views to coexist in small rooms 180 days out of the year.

Schoolchildren didn’t just happen upon this behavior. It came from the parents. And it’s time for the parents to put a stop to it.


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