Our opinion: Our lands, waters deserve better

Despite conscientious efforts to better our environment, it can be disappointing to see what comes out of the Allegheny River and Conewango Creek. First, however, let’s offer a round of applause for those who took part in the effort that included 1,472 hours of donated labor by 184 volunteers. That’s a fantastic commitment to this community as well as nature.

Now, however, we offer what was found around one of our great resources: bicycles; a bread maker; a working cell phone (turned over to police); a bed (mattress and box spring); several large appliances (kitchen and laundry); about half a pull-behind camper; the septic tank from that camper; a variety of sporting equipment including a sled tackling dummy that was returned to Warren County School District; a variety of outdoor chairs; an acrylic bathtub with shower surround, and hundreds of other interesting items.

“In addition to 2,675 (pounds) of metal collected from our waterways, our local communities donated an additional 13,375 (pounds) of scrap metal for recycling in support of the cleanup effort,” according to the organization. “Thank you to everyone who helped with this year’s cleanup.”

As disheartening as those numbers may be, the waters and land are cleaner due to local efforts. That is tremendous.


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