What’s next for Washington Park?

Well, that was a real whopper of a meeting about Washington Park, wasn’t it?

Options for the park are basically to do nothing, to improve the road access off Liberty Street as well as the parking or to add hiking and walking trails — including a sensory-friendly trail for children with autism — and wayfinding at the trailhead.

Comments broke largely into three camps — neighboring property owners who were adamantly opposed, users of the park that would like some refurbishment and the mountain biking community in support of trails they can use.

And, often, the comments were loud. Now that the meeting is over, it’s time to look for points of agreement regarding Washington Park.

Improving road access to the park makes sense and didn’t seem to engender much opposition. People also seemed to agree finding a way to prevent vandalism and other public safety problems would be a good thing.

After that agreement is hard to find. In our opinion, city officials should proceed slowly given the lack of consensus about the best uses for the park.


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