Our opinion: Kinzua Pathways a trail of success

Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways has officially called it a day — and what a day it has been.

The organization was formed in 2009 to bring trails to Warren County and the Allegheny National Forest. From that vision came the Rimrock Trail and the Trails at Jakes Rocks, an attraction that has brought 25,000 people into Warren County to ride on a 32-mile trail system.

There are still 16 miles of trail available to build, and the Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways group has left a footprint and roadmap for further improvements.

We hear an awful lot these days about development sites, hotels, boat launches and park use.

Often times it can seem like our community will never progress because we can’t agree on simple steps that need to be taken.

When those moments of self-doubt creep in, remember Pennsylvania Kinzua Pathways. When the right idea hits, amazing things can be accomplished. But nothing will ever happen if the community isn’t behind a project.


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