Giving back in the community

The Warren County Commissioners’ decision to use endowment money to continue a CARES Act rental assistance program is a good one.

In 2020, the county was awarded federal CARES Act money to pay for rental assistance that was open to all county residents, not just Human Services’s clients. Criteria included a loss of at least 30% of income since March or the receipt of unemployment compensation funds, in addition to average median income guidelines.

The CARES Act money has almost run out and, while the latest stimulus program contains similar money, it is likely even more help will be needed.

Good work, then, by county officials to find a way to solve the problem locally rather than simply letting it fester while begging for additional state or federal help.

It’s encouraging to see problem-solving in government.

Of course, it’s encouraging in part because we see so little of it at the state and federal levels on so many issues.


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