Alternate ideas on parking rules

Some Warren residents will no longer have to move their car to comply with alternate parking regulations in the city.

While it would be nice if a pilot project didn’t last 15 years, it’s at least good to see city officials revisit alternate parking in some areas and realize the benefits to the city don’t outweigh the difficulty alternate parking can impose on some city residents, particularly those who work late nights.

Biddle Street between Main Avenue and Crescent Park; East Street between Pennsylvania and Fourth Avenues; Morrison Street between Pennsylvania and Fourth avenues; and Wayne Street between Cayuga Avenue and Crescent Park have been removed from the alternate parking program.

“That wasn’t a very well received idea,” said Mike Holtz, public works director. “We just felt that the benefits probably didn’t outweigh the detriment. In those areas, there weren’t a lot of driveways. People were parking the street. (It was) very inconvenient for them.”

Removal of those areas from alternate parking makes us wonder if the benefits outweigh those in other areas of the city that use alternate parking. It’s certainly worth discussing in preparation for next winter.


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