Our opinion: First responders are lifesavers

Thank goodness for the well-trained and quick-thinking of Warren County Sheriff’s deputies who, three times in the past few weeks, have saved the lives of Warren County residents.

Deputy Randy Ickert responded with the City of Warren Fire Department for a report of a 25-year-old female who had experienced an opiate overdose. Klakamp said Ickert had narcan with him and was able to provide it to city EMTs to administer. Deputy Rachel Canfield was on a patrol and came across a non-Warren County resident exhibiting signs of an overdose and administered narcan prior to the arrival of paramedics. Deputy Thomas Kibbey and K9 Dina responded to an accidental overdose in Pleasant Township and administered narcan. Klakamp said that “brought him around” and the patient didn’t need further medical treatment.

Well-trained, well-equipped and caring deputies aren’t the only common threads in those stories, unfortunately.

Opiate overdoses, too, tie these incidents together. And until there is a treatment infrastructure built to help those who are dealing with opioid addiction, we will continue relying on first responders to continue fighting the good fight when it comes to opioids.


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