Making important vote easier

How about a nice salute to some unsung heroes who made Tuesday just a bit easier for everyone else: the poll workers. Across America, there were some real concerns due to the coronavirus that there would be a shortage of these people we rely on each Election Day.

That was not a serious issue here, where there are 30,486 registered voters in Warren County. Many who voted had a similar experience in early June.

Nothing is the same since COVID-19. There are plenty of hand sanitizers and people in masks while distancing is strongly suggested.

In between are the poll workers, seeing democracy through in what is expected to be an extremely important day for the nation. Warren County is right in the mix when it comes to the race for president as Pennsylvania is one of the key battleground states.

We will likely await a winner. But it’s all possible here at home, thanks to a dedicated group of poll workers who help make our vote count.


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