Focus on job, not the tabulating

Over three days last week, no fewer than 14 Republican legislators called for an election audit before results are certified. Of course, that led Democrats to respond with counter-charges that Republicans are engaging in voter supression and shaking the electorate’s faith in the election.

The results of the presidential election, and Pennsylvania’s role in it, are important. But, ultimately, it will be judges who decide if results in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona can be certified or not. To do so, President Trump’s campaign must convince judges there were serious, widespread problems with voting. The president has the burden of proof, not statehouse Republicans.

Our advice to Republicans — keep tabs on the court battle. If proof of fraud is provided, then they should absolutely insist the state conduct investigations into the election and continue their push to oust Kathy Brookvar, commonwealth secretary and leader of the state Department of State. Absent proof, however, Republicans are taking their eye off of a ball that is squarely in their court — doing all they can to craft a budget that helps state residents through the rest of the COVID-19 pandemic.

That work is important, as is lobbying their colleagues at the federal level to pass a stimulus package that helps state and local governments work their way through the pandemic.

And, lest anyone forget, there are dozens of bills pending in legislative committees that could help regular citizens during these difficult times.

In other words, it’s time to put the people’s business ahead of party business.


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