Favoring change for the economy

Change can be hard, even when it’s increasingly hard to justify why things are done a certain way to begin with.

Give credit, then, to Pine Grove voters who overwhelmingly approved a change to change the township’s legal beverage status from “dry” to “wet” during last week’s election.

The move was spurred by John Bortz, owner of the Cable Hollow Golf Course, who saw the ability to obtain a liquor license as the next step in expanding his business with an upscale restaurant.

Pine Grove supervisors will have a say as to what types of licenses will be issued, but told the Times Observer earlier this year they saw the referendum as an opportunity for economic development. Aside from Cable Hollow, they hope other dining operations will consider Pine Grove as a potential location.

As we said, change can be hard. In this instance, we’re glad to see that the results were overwhelming one way or the other. A close vote could have turned this matter into the subject of a lingering controversy. The type of strong approval shown last week is a good sign that the community is generally behind allowing alcohol to be sold in the town.

That’s the way these processes are supposed to work.


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