Our opinion: EMS is an emotional issue

County Commissioner Ben Kafferlin struck a blow for common sense on an important issue earlier this week.

With barbs concerning an EMS deal between the city of Warren and Pleasant Township flying around like tennis balls at Wimbledon, Kafferlin decided to take the county’s looming EMS crisis from political boardrooms he’s generally not a part of into his own public session.

Kafferlin wasn’t sure if he should weigh in on the issue at first. He made the right choice.

It is important for those at the city and township level to see that the EMS issue is far bigger than just Warren and Pleasant. The EMS Task Force Report should be disseminated as many times as possible and discussed publicly as often as possible until we all understand that we need to work together to solve the county’s EMS problems.

That can’t happen when insults and accusations are tossed around as casually as a 3-year-old throws lima beans on the floor at dinner time. Kafferlin did the right thing by making sure the EMS Task Force took center stage on Tuesday before Warren holds its public hearing tonight on the Warren-Pleasant EMT pilot program. We have a feeling tonight’s meeting is going to be a doozy — through no fault of City Manager Nancy Freenock.

If it is, then at least Warren County will have had had one calm and collected discussion about EMS this week, thanks to Kafferlin.


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