Dog park a positive for area

Man’s best friend deserves a place to venture outdoors with family. That’s why it is great to see the activity taking place at Woofington Dog Park in Starbrick.

According to organizers, a next step is taking place very soon is the addition of a 5-foot fence. “For those that are not familiar with dog parks, they are fenced-in areas where dogs are meant to be off-leash and have the opportunity to run freely to play and socialize with other dogs,” board President Rocco DelPrince said. “It’s a similar concept to a playground, but designed specifically for dogs. It’s a very simple concept — fenced-in grassy areas with trees, benches, and waste cans.”

What seems like a small addition to a community is actually is a major positive. It promotes a family atmosphere between dog owners and allows for the pets to get some activity.

DelPrince noted one of the closest parks is in Lakewood in Chautauqua County. It’s maintained by the village, but those who use it must follow some simple guidelines.

Anyone who would like to join the board, help the effort, or would like information about the project may contact DelPrince at (814) 688-8671 or warrendogpark@gmail.com. It’s an effort we’re happy to see that goes to the dogs.


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