Impressive work in drug bust

Applause to all of the police officers involved in the investigation into a Mexican-based meth cartel operating from a Grand Valley farm.

Local police and prosecutors teamed with federal and state law enforcement on an investigation that resulted in indictments charging 16 people with various drug-trafficking crimes.

Such police work is dangerous, and necessary work, We know what the drug trade can do to pristine rural areas like ours. No one wants to see ever-increasing rates of property crime that results, nor do we want to see the type of capital crime that often results from the drug trade.

Police officers, no matter how talented or dedicated, can’t solve this problem however. As long as there is demand locally for drugs and money to be made, there will be a constant supply of dealers ready and willing to peddle their product in even rural areas like ours. Education to keep people from falling prey to illegal drugs and treatment to help those who want to end their addiction are needed to decrease demand.

It’s something our city and county elected officials need to keep in mind. Unlike some areas, Warren County may not have an issue with drug treatment availability — but it’s better to be ahead of the curve rather than behind it.


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