Our opinion: Waste business fills a void

It may seem like just a new business opening, but a new enterprise in Clarendon is actually also a big help to Warren County taxpayers.

Fast Disposal at Fox and Sons in Clarendon is addressing a number of community problems. The new company created four jobs in the community, is providing a location for people to take their unwanted materials — except tires, saves fuel and landfill space, and should cut down on illegal dumping.The shearing system breaks down bulky items and the baler compacts materials. Both make trips to landfills, scrap yards, and recyclers more efficient while condensing the material that will occupy landfill space.

And, unlike our neighbors to the north in Chautauqua County, having a privately owned transfer station means a segment of the region’s waste system isn’t being paid for with local tax dollars. Chautauqua County has three county government-run transfer stations that end up taking refuse to the Chautauqua County Landfill.

Some of the traffic at the Falconer transfer station comes from Warren County.

Bob and Dana Hennessey, the owners of Fast Disposal at Fox and Sons, told the Times Observer they have been so busy they can see possibilities for expansion.

We’d much rather see a private business thrive than have been forced to create government-run transfer stations. Kudos to the Hennesseys for seeing a void and stepping into it.


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