Our opinion: Smooth day in primary

Warren County seems to have fared well in its dress rehearsal for a high-turnout election in the fall.

County residents who went to the polls last week largely reported positive experiences despite voting under the county’s COVID-19 precautions.

Nearly all of the residents Times-Observer reporters spoke with said they had no problems with long lines, as was a problem last November, nor with social distancing.

Turnout was low — 30% for Republicans and 27% for Democrats — for Tuesday’s primary. But it is good to know that some of the problems and complaints from the 2019 election are being taken seriously and being resolved.

After the fiasco that was the 2019 election, it’s good to see that Tuesday’s election went off without a hitch. The hard work is ahead for county officials, however, because November’s election will have far more than 30% of Republicans and 27% of Democrats heading to the polls.

Pennsylvania is a swing state in November’s election, so it is important to both Democrats and Republicans that the election is handled properly. County officials have five months to make sure that happens.


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