Our opinion: Don’t delay in school planning

It didn’t take long for Amy Stewart, Warren County School superintendent, to make very clear the difficult situation district officials face when planning for this fall’s reopening of schools.

The average district classroom can hold a little less than 10 students under social distancing practices and full-size school buses could transport about 12 students at a time. Making such limitations work in a district used to full school buses and more than 10 children in a classroom will be quite a change for people — and Stewart needs to know how parents prefer some of these changes to happen.

Stewart is scheduling focus groups to gather input on these issues. We hope as many people as possible make their feelings known. To do so, email Stewart at stewarta@wcsdpa.org to participate.

We also hope Stewart schedules the focus group meetings for times when as many people as possible can attend and considers more than one meeting for each area to encourage as much public participation as possible.

We doubt many people are happy with the way the 2019-20 school year ended. Participating in Stewart’s focus groups is one way to avoid similar dissatisfaction next year.


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