Our Opinion: To the rescue

Many local business people — and their employees — will get through the COVID-19 epidemic with their physical health intact but their finances less intact. For restaurants and bars, the damage could be severe because of closure orders.

Restaurants are permitted to serve carry-out customers, however. That can’t replace revenue lost from sit-down patrons, but it is some help for bottom lines. In fact, take-out service is a lifeline for some restaurant employees. Aware of that, many managers and owners of establishments that normally offer only inside meals or pickups have set up curb service operations. Call ahead to your favorites to check and, perhaps, place an order. Don’t forget to tip.

Some retailers, including those selling groceries, sanitizing supplies — and yes, toilet tissue — seem to be doing well. Others may be struggling.

Remember that many small businesses have been reliable suppliers of good products and services for many years. They have been pillars of our communities, supporting many worthy causes, sponsoring softball teams, Little League, etc. Our friends, neighbors and family members work there.

Please, support them if you are able to do so.

The Warren County Chamber of Business and Industry has a coupon, “Operation Restaurant Rescue,” on its Facebook page. At no cost to the business, “Anyone who purchases a takeout or delivery meal from ANY LOCALLY, INDEPENDENTLY OWNED Warren County restaurant that TRADITIONALLY WAS A DINE-IN FACILITY, but due to the current restrictions is operating on takeout or delivery only, will be entered in a drawing (for $250 for first and $125 each for second and third).”

This incentive starts today. Print out that coupon. We can get through this… together. This unique idea rewards customers for supporting these businesses, and the businesses themselves through the purchase. The WCCBI will match the drawing winners by awarding that same amount to the business where the purchase occurred. Make sure to put the restaurant name on the coupon.

One day — soon, we all hope — COVID-19 will be just a bad memory for most of us. Closed businesses and jobs gone forever should not be part of the picture.


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