Our Opinion: Kafferlin & Durbin

We take endorsements very seriously at the Times Observer. We don’t make them lightly.

Our editorial staff and editorial board have dozens of discussions before we make an endorsement of any political candidate.

The future of Warren County is at stake.

That may seem a bit overdramatic, but our county government and commissioners shape how we do business, how we move forward, how we survive as a county.

Four years ago, the three incumbents running for reelection were running for the first time.

After four years, we’re convinced we’ve got it right.

We fully and wholeheartedly endorse current Republican Commissioner Benjamin Kafferlin and Republican candidate Tricia Durbin.

Warren County will be a better place if they are elected on Tuesday.

We believe — as do state Rep. Kathy Rapp and Congressman Glenn “G.T.” Thompson — that both the incumbent Kafferlin and Durbin have the temperament, the political acumen, the business pedigrees, and the social responsibility to make us look back with pride this go-round.

Something we’ve asked ourselves over and over again in our discussions — what will each candidate do if they lose?

Mrs. Durbin will return to being the CFO of PGE, a very successful Warren County company, and not miss a beat. Mr. Kafferlin will return to the private sector. Hopefully, he will remain in Warren County because Warren County needs more people like Ben.

So, when you vote on Tuesday, we — the Times Observer — endorse a vote for Benjamin Kafferlin and Tricia Durbin.

And we look forward to them proving us right. We’re excited about that opportunity.

No matter who you vote for on Tuesday, May 21, we want you to go out and vote.


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