Our Opinion: Finding the key

London, England, is reminding Americans that gun control does not translate automatically to reducing violence.

In London, where firearms limits are far stricter than in the United States, there were 37 homicides during February and March. In New York City, the number was 35.

Thirty-one of the fatalities in London were due to knife attacks. British authorities blame social media for some of the bloodletting, saying it tends to spur some young people to commit violent acts.

Second Amendment defenders who argue that murderous individuals will find ways to kill regardless of controls on firearms — the old “people, not guns, kill people” argument — often are belittled by liberals. But it is true, whether we want to admit it or not.

Finding ways to identify and stop murderers, not limiting all Americans’ access to firearms, will be the key to curbing violence — if we can find it.


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