Our Opinion: More than idiotic

In case you didn’t know, making bomb threats is much more than just idiotic.

Not idiotic in the professionalism taken by law enforcement, businesses and/or schools to react to each and every threat as if it is a serious threat, because it may be…

But idiotic because the idiots making these threats probably and hopefully don’t realize the number of people they are impacting, nor do they realize the ramifications.

Warren County Career Center had another bomb threat on Thursday, written on a bathroom stall.

What the individual may not realize however non-specific or non-malicious the intent, these must be taken seriously each and every time, as if you meant to warn people about a real bomb.

So get ready to face the consequences as such.

The consequences of interrupting bomb-sniffing dogs, law enforcement, teachers and students from their normal tasks at hand could be dire, and you will be responsible.

We’re not just talking expulsion.

We’re talking being financially-liable for the cost of the dog, the law enforcement, the teachers (sometimes thousands of dollars), as well as responsible for the safety of each and every person transplanted due to the threat.

If that responsibility doesn’t land on you, it lands on your parents or guardians.

In case you didn’t know…