Warren Worx can be a game plan for future

It is time we all rally around “Warren Worx.” I have read numerous opinions in the local newspaper and conversations on the street that “it won’t work” and “we don’t need branding” and “we better get the branding right” and “there are better things to spend our money on” and on and on and on.

OK, let’s all agree on a few things.

— Our population is declining and if that continues, whatever our current situation is in terms of available tax revenues, quality of entertainment, quality of school system(s), health care, sports, etc. will continue to decline.

— Something needs to change or we will continue to get more of the same thing. Often that is referred to as the definition of insanity – keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to get different results.

— It will be extremely difficult for Warren Worx to succeed. How do you change a declining population? How do you increase tax revenue without either raising taxes or having a larger tax base of employees and employers in the county? How do you improve a school system that is in desperate need of change?

For starters, we need a brand to build on. Yes to some this seems “fluffy” but if you look at most successful businesses or industries or growing areas, they start with a great brand to build on. Whatever Warren Worx comes up with for the “brand” will be under heavy scrutiny.

I get it. But I would hope by now we all agree we must create and build upon a solid brand that we can all rally around versus do nothing and expect things to change. We then need a strategic plan to create our roadmap for success.

I am sure the team at Warren Worx will have full transparency on the strategic plan when ready. Give them some time. It will only work if we all know what the plan is and can rally around it and offer support in whatever way each of us has the ability and willingness to do so.

For those complainers out there that keep saying it won’t work: OK, please tell me what you suggest we do. Do nothing and keep getting the same results?

Wake up one day and not have a local well run hospital that is right here in our front yard versus having to drive to Erie or Pittsburgh or Buffalo?

Not being able to fill up entertaining shows at the Struthers Library Theatre? Fewer quality places to dine at lunch and dinner.

And for those who are holding on dearly for your local schools to continue as is and not consolidate, I sure hope you are behind Warren Worx because otherwise the inevitable that arguably should have happened two decades ago will still happen but at a much higher cost than Warren Worx will ever cost.

Lincoln Sokolski is chairman of Whirley-DrinkWorks in Warren.


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