No small issue

Dear Editor,

After returning from overseas in 1969, l purchased a brand new 396 Chevelle SS off the showroom floor of Jones Chevrolet here in Warren for $3,175! Today, more than 50 years later, that similar car would cost in excess of $31,750, or a factor of about 10 times!

In 1969 the minimum wage was $1.45 per hour, in 1970 it was raised to $1.60 per hour! You can do the math as to what the minimum wage should be today — 10 multiplied by 1.6. For math dummies, $16 an hour

If you prefer, you can do the same math using the cost of a gallon of milk! All the arguments against raising the minimum wage are identical to those of 50 years ago — over raising it only 15 cents per hour.

Allan L. Gustafson,



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