Commissioners appoint members to forgotten board

If you haven’t heard of the Warren County Agricultural Land Preservation Board, you aren’t alone.

But the county commissioners appointed members to it last week.

Commissioner Ben Kafferlin said the board went “out of view” for over a decade.

It recently attempted to spend some money but Kafferlin said that effort was difficult as there were few living board members on the entity’s bank account.

Chief Clark Pam Matve said that funding for the board comes from a greenways fund and only receives funds from the county if there’s a greenways or easement action to be taken.

The commissioners also approved a change to funding in the county’s federal Community Development Block Grant program.

Grant Administrator Danielle Flasher said that funding originally allocated to a project on Center St. in Bear Lake Borough is being shifted to a project on Center St. in Clarendon.

That’s because, she said, the Bear Lake project has been completed.

The action, she said, is “truly a formality.”


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