County to start GOP Senate primary recount today

The mandated recount for votes cast in last week’s GOP Senate primary is set to start in Warren County at 11 a.m. today.

The state gave notice of the recount on Wednesday.

State officials said unofficial returns show Mehmet Oz with a 902-vote margin (419,365 to 418,463) over McCormick.

The tight margin — inside one half of one percent — triggers the mandatory recount.

The recount here will be held in the Elections Office at the courthouse, according to a notice on the county website.

While the term “recount” might conjure images of Bush v. Gore in 2000, the county’s election’s director, Krystle Ransom, called the process “quite anticlimactic.”

“We run each batch through the scanner that we did not use on election night and tabulate just as we did on election day,” she said. “The only race that we are looking at is the US Senate.”

Counties have a week to complete its portion of the recount and file returns with the state, but Ransom expects the process to be a one-day affair locally.

“I am expecting it to take not more than four hours, to scan, adjudicate and run reports,” she said. “I anticipate wrapping it up on Friday, even if that means staying late.”

Today was initially to include a hearing requested by the David McCormick campaign, which challenged the Board of Elections’ decision to not count two ballots due to unsealed secrecy envelopes.

That hearing has since been canceled.

“An email was received from the McCormick campaign to withdraw their request on the hearing regarding the two ballots,” Chief Clerk Pam Matve told the Times Observer.


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